Dr. Neeta's Profile

"It is when all aspects of our life are in balance with each other, do we experience well-being."

  Dr. Neeta, a well-known homeopath an alternative medicine therapist having over 30 years of experience. State-of-the-art in integrative medicine, information field, energy medicine, and other pool of therapies are used to cure and heal beings at all the levels at the roots.

Using technology that are customized to each client's need, Dr. Neeta has been able to establish deep connect with her clients. With her roots deep in the field of holistic healing therapies, Dr. Neeta has been able to make a positive difference to all her clients whether for simple, chronic or critical illnesses.

Her vision and insight are to heal the person and not
just their bodies!


Trisha's Profile

   Trisha Shah is a counsellor, animal communicator and a certified holistic healer with 9 years of prior experience in healing and creating balance in different aspects of one's life. She believes that the true power is not in wanting but in allowing one self to vibrate at higher frequency.


Jainam's Profile

   Jainam Shah is a certified alternate medicine practitioner and healer with 5 years of deep rooted experience in creating harmony and alignment in body, mind, soul, house and business healing. He aims to create a balance inside and out thus enabling the person to explore the unknown possibilities to work to their fullest potentials.


About Us

"The focus today lies in the well-being of a person, ensuring that different aspects of life are in harmony with one another."

It is only when a person is satisfied and all facets of his life are in balance, can we truly say they have achieved a sense of well-being. At our center we aim to do just that!

Dr. Neeta's Well Being Center was founded for those who wish to experience wellness in the most natural and holistic way. We believe in healing people, not just their bodies. The Center aims to provide a solution that has no side effects, treatment that is mostly non invasive, and non-surgical. Our technology includes active and passive healing enabling overall growth and success of our clients.

The Center is a considerate combination of Complementary and alternative medicines. In order for clients to achieve the most effective way of healing, they are personally consulted and guided to balance their physical, psychological, spiritual, social, environmental, and economical well-being. After initial analysis we provide them with solutions that are specific to their needs.

With an aim to provide total holistic healing therapy treatments for regular lifestyle management, we intend to serve and empower clients towards the path to overall well-being. There are many aspects to the human form. Even if one of the areas in our life is not in synch, it affects all other aspects of life. At our center we aim to bring about holistic healing through the various therapies we have to offer.

We believe in creating harmony between the body, mind and soul.

A one stop solution for your total well-being, at our center.